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13 – 17 JUNE Kletterzentrum

"Research Seminar" and Volunteer Program were a great success

In addition to an extensive volunteer program, the FISU World University Championship in Innsbruck was also accompanied scientifically: Within the framework of the "Research Seminar", various aspects of the fields of social psychology, training and material sciences as well as the different biomechanical topics were to be researched. In addition, therapeutic climbing also formed an important parameter in the research process.

A large part of the exciting findings were presented on Wednesday during a day-long event at the Campus Sport of the University of Innsbruck by 50 students as well as renowned scientists, accompanied by the "keynote speakers" Ludovic Seifert and Jiri Balas. 


"We can be very satisfied with the event, our expectations were definitely exceeded. We used the University World Cup to take an interdisciplinary look at the phenomenon of climbing and wanted to offer students the platform of a perfect connection between sport and science in collaboration with renowned scientists. The goal was not only to serve the professional sport, but also to reach the amateur sport with the researched topics. We have succeeded very well in doing so. The findings are not only transferred into practice, but also published in scientific journals. Overall, a very large number of issues have been addressed, which is also our claim, since we live here in a very beautiful alpine environment. Since there are also many successful local athletes in Innsbruck, we also wanted to show the colors from a scientific point of view," explained Martin Schnitzer, Chairman of the Scientific Committee. 


In addition to amateur and professional sports, the therapeutic approach also plays an extremely important role: "We must not lose sight of this aspect. Climbing is often used when working with mentally ill people. They learn to climb routes, set themselves goals, feel their way up and dare to do more and more. Letting themselves fall into the rope is also an important factor and builds confidence. I like to use that as an example, because it's not always about seconds, millimeters or the number of moves," says Schnitzer. 


The "Research Seminar" was thus an important status survey of the scientific components of climbing. After great presentations, an intensive exchange was cherished, networks were expanded and further important research processes were initiated.


Successful seminar and satisfied volunteers 


Gernot Hupfauf and Helmut Weichselbaumer were the driving forces behind the course "FISU World University Championship Sport Climbing - Volunteer Program", which was specially created for the FISU World University Championship Sport Climbing and implemented by Sabrina Scheiber at the University of Innsbruck. From the beginning, the idea was well received by the Vice Rector for Teaching and Students, Bernhard Fügenschuh, and was expanded to 3 ECTS credits on his initiative. In addition to numerous workshops, the 90 students organized themselves and played an important part in the University World Championships at the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck.


"Our idea with the course was a real success and the interest of the students was very high. It is always important to us that not only theoretical content is taught, but also that a deep insight into practice is possible. The University World Championship in Innsbruck was the perfect platform for this. Without the great commitment of the students, a perfect event would not have been possible. Thank you very much!", Gernot Hupfauf, General Manager of the FISU World Championship Innsbruck, emphasized the importance of the many volunteers.


On behalf of the 90 volunteers, Greta Lochmann, who in addition to international business studies also studies sociology at the University of Innsbruck, drew a short conclusion: "For us students, it was an extremely great opportunity to get a practical insight into event management through the course and at the same time to experience a climbing competition up close. I found it particularly exciting to see the effort behind a sporting event and how many tasks have to be planned that you never think about as a mere spectator and that you can't even suspect. The volunteer experience also clearly showed us, in my opinion, that good cooperation and the functioning of a team are the most important factors for success. My highlight: getting to know a lot of exciting people, be it staff, other volunteers but also experts in different fields, such as communication and PR, as well as top international athletes."


Rectorate reception  


On Thursday evening, the traditional reception of the Rectorate took place in the venerable Kaiser-Leopold-Saal of the University of Innsbruck. After the appreciative words of Vice Rector for Research, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer, the delegations of the participating countries, the representatives of the different rectorates of the Tyrolean universities, the FISU, from the Climbing Federation Austria, the International Climbing Federation and the organizing committee were warmly welcomed. Musically, the entire event was accompanied by Max Bauer & Friends from the Conservatory of Tyrol with a classical Austrian salon music.  


"I am very happy that we were able to unite sport and education here in Innsbruck by holding the University World Championships. Climbing and studying have a lot in common, after all, and both are about achieving the goals you set out to achieve. The visitors also experienced a unique show in which emotions and adrenaline were not in short supply. The alpine-urban environment of Innsbruck is perfect for climbing and students also take advantage of this opportunity," explained Elisabeth Mayr, Innsbruck's city councilor for sports and education.


Kemal Tamer from the International University Sports Federation (FISU) was also grateful: "I would like to thank Unisport Austria, the University of Innsbruck and the Climbing Federation Austria and all other contributors for this great event. Especially the venue impressed me very much, for me it is definitely a benchmark in international comparison. I was very happy to welcome so many athletes from different nations and to unite not only the sport but also a cultural program here in Innsbruck. It is really unique for a University World Championships that athletes from all continents participated, that makes us proud."


At the end of an event marked by great appreciation, thank-you gifts - a beautiful set of medals in a wooden frame - were traditionally presented to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer by Dr. Hemma Angerer, Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee and Unisport Austria Acting President, on behalf of the University of Innsbruck for a perfect organization. As a final highlight, Dr. Eugen Burtscher (Climbing Federation Austria), Dr. Hemma Angerer, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tanzer (University of Innsbruck) and Mag. Gernot Hupfauf (General Manager Innsbruck 2022 FISU World Championship Sport Climbing) were presented with the Medal of Honor by Kemal Tamer (FISU). A very successful evening in a pleasant atmosphere with many culinary delicacies! 


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