13 – 17 JUNE
13 – 17 JUNE Kletterzentrum


The Innsbruck 2022 FISU World University Championship Sport Climbing will take place at the Kletterzentrum Innsbruck in Austria.

The "KI", Kletterzentrum Innsbruck, opened its doors in May 2017, and it is one of the world's largest and most modern climbing venues. It sets new standards in terms of size, quality, and architecture. The Kletterzentrum Innsbruck will break new ground when it comes to creating synergies between recreational sports and competitive sports. For everyone, hobby- and professional climbers alike, there are 5,700 m² of climbable surface: 3,000 m² for indoor lead climbing, 1,200 m² for bouldering and 1,500 m² for outdoor climbing. The “KI” offers everything a climber’s heart could possibly desire.


The WUC 2022 combines all three disciplines of Sport Climbing in one event – Lead, Boulder and Speed.
All disciplines require different skills from the athletes.

This is the supreme discipline of climbing and Lead competitions have been organised for more than 30 years. The climbers face a 15 – 20 meter high wall and climb the routes with a safety rope. The goal is to climb as far as possible on a previously set route within a time limit. This discipline requires a lot of power, endurance and determination.

Bouldering is climbing without a rope or harness. The walls are smaller which means the climbers can jump down and are protect by mats. The athletes face a previously set round of boulder problems and need to climb them in as little tries as possible within a time limit. This discipline primarily requires coordination, power and flexibility.

The name says it all. Speed Climbing means climbing a normed route on a normed wall as fast as possible. One could say this is the vertical version of the sprint. The wall is 15 meters high and the world’s best athletes only need 5.5 seconds to climb it. This discipline requires strength, speed and power-endurance.

History of Sport Climbing Competitions in Innsbruck

Already in 1991 the first World Cup took place in Innsbruck, however only in the Lead discipline. After some years of waiting and other organizational challenges, the market place in Innsbruck with its breathtaking mountain scenery in the background became the venue for the spectacular Boulder World Cups from 2012 to 2014. In 2016 the Boulder World Cup took place in Innsbruck's Olympic Center for the first time, due to the ever growing number of spectators.

After the Austrian Climbing Federation was busy organizing the Youth Climbing World Championships in 2017 and the Climbing World Championships in 2018, the World Cup format will finally come back to Innsbruck in 2021.

The next major international sporting event follows in 2022 with the World University Championship.

Sport Climbing in Austrian University Sports

There are several local championships at the University Sports Departments of the University of Graz and at the University of Mining Leoben. Although there are no national championships, Austria has some very successful student athletes in Sports Climbing.

Austria sent 35 student athletes to EUSA- and FISU-championships since 2010. The most successful international student athletes in sports climbing are so far:
-    Elias Weiler from the Medical University of Innsbruck, who won the gold medal in bouldering at FISU WUC Bratislava 2018.
-    Thomas Lach from the University of Graz, who got a silber medal in speed at the EUSA Games Zagreb 2016.
-    Nina Lach from the University of Graz, she achieved the bronze medal in speed at the EUSA Games Zagreb 2016 and finished 5th place speed at both WUC Shanghai 2016 and EUC Katowice 2015.
-    Max Rudigier from the University of Salzburg got 5th in lead at WUC Shanghai

Map Overview

You can find a more detailled overview on where everything is from the event venue to cultural sights to training facilities on this map:


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